Two Birds Hat give-away WINNERS!! 6

First of all, I’d like to…


You’ll scroll down anyway, won’t you? So this is where we bypass the boring speech and go straight to…the winners!!

Sherry Glover,
Sarah Hoppe-Savage,
Lindsay Slazakowski,
Rebecca Smith,
Rebecca Westling!

Please email me at and I’ll send you the PDF for the pattern directly. And I want to see all your WIPs! In fact, I might even do a little follow-up on here once you guys get to it (no pressure:))! So keep me in the loop once you get to Escherizin’, ya dig? (Escher was also a renowned street thug)

Alright, and now for some in-depth elaboration on how I picked my winners…plus that boring speech, if you make it that far.

puppyHere’s a motivational picture of a puppy to sustain you.

How I picked the winners
There were 19 answers – how awesome is that?! – so technically I had to pick four winners; one out of every five. But I quickly decided that bringing the number of winners up to five would give me a) a nice round number and b) the chance to make one more person happy…so five it was. Then I had to decide which comments I liked the most. That was kinda sorta incredibly hard. I mean, I can’t even imagine that 19 – NINETEEN – people not only were interested enough to check out the pattern, but to also then go to my page, like it*, think about an answer…I didn’t want to let anybody down, so I was on the verge of putting all your names into a sorting hat and just pulling out five at random. But then it occurred to me that most of you probably at least put a little thought into your answer, so I wanted to honour that by also putting a little thought into this.

*= I don’t think everybody ‘liked’ my page, but I decided not to be too strict about that, because hey, I don’t want to bully anyone into liking anything. If you simply forgot, however, and you do like my page all organically and stuff…I certainly won’t stop you:).

The below comments – copy-pasted in random order – are the ones that stood out to me:

Lindsay Slazakowski: Ahh! This is so weird! My bf is an artist and designs custom TOMs shoes. He’s working on an Escher pair right now!! It would be so perfect to be able to make a matching hat!!

Lindsay Slazakowski's photo.

How awesome is that shoe? And how much does Lindsay deserve to make that matching hat?
To both, my answer would be ‘very much’.

Sherry Glover: Love the pattern. It reminds me that birds can fly off into the sunset. How peaceful would that be?


I have no idea, but Sherry, I love your poetic spirit!
And I have a feeling this pattern is going to make you super happy:).

Sarah Hoppe-Savage: I love classic art inspired patterns- but have seen so few in action. You’re blending two forms of art- and it’s GORGEOUS!!

I feel like Sarah really gets me, because I honestly, truly – dare I say it – view my crochet as art.
So thank you! That means a lot.

Rebecca Westling:I have a thing for birds. And tessellations. And crochet. What’s not to love?! This is like a “me” trifecta!

Well Rebecca, it’s your lucky day, because I have a thing for people who use the word ‘trifecta’ in a sentence!

Rebecca Smith: I’ve loved MC Escher’s work since I was 2 and lived in the Netherlands. So cool!

I loved this answer because it is so personal.
And I love to be able to give you a nice reminder of that childhood memory!

In conclusion: heartfelt speech part
At the risk of sounding gratuitous, I do want to thank you all SO MUCH for participating. I have only been crocheting for a year, and the thought that this might be something I’m good at, a way to express my creativity and sense of beauty, would never have occurred to me even six months ago.

When I put this contest up, I asked my boyfriend: “But what if nobody participates? What if I get zero responses? I’ll look like an idiot.” And of course he replied with “That still wouldn’t mean you’re an idiot”, and I replied with ” I kno-hooow”, but I couldn’t shake that fear. This is something I really want to do; I take it very seriously and I put my heart and soul into it. That kind of passion makes you vulnerable. Even if you know that the mere fact that you’re putting it out there is worth something, is important. But what if nobody else thinks is important? What if nobody recognizes it?

Well – then all of you came along. And you told me why you think that what I created is important. You recognized what I’m trying to do.
And suddenly it’s real – even realer:) – because there’s a receiving side now. There are people on the other side, giving me feedback and inspiration for new patterns. What started out as a one way street is now a dynamic, circulating wave. And I’m part of something.

So thank you for looking, thank you for seeing, thank you for recognizing. It means the world to me. <3

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6 thoughts on “Two Birds Hat give-away WINNERS!!

  • Rebecca W

    Hooray, thank you! Who knew the magic word was ‘trifecta’? 😉 (And really, how often do you get to use it in a sentence? USE AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY.) LOVE the hat and can’t wait to make one just for meeeee! 😀

    • Recoverista Post author

      I know how you feel; mine is also just for meeeeee:). And my tester was going to make it for her mother in law…and then decided to keep it for herself. I should have called it the My Precious Hat!

  • Sherry Glover

    Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. And Yes, I am thrilled with this pattern. Maybe I’ll be able to fly off into the sunset with my new hat… 🙂

  • Lindsay Slazakowski

    I’m so grateful that you picked me! I only regret that it took me so long to find out I won! I WON!!! I seriously cannot believe you’ve only been crocheting for a year and created such a GORGEOUS and unique pattern! I’m super impressed! I will get working on this ASAP! Thanks for your generosity!