Is an urban garden in autumn worth the trouble? 09-14-2014: mysterious evil edition

Want to start at the beginning? State of the Garden, 09-07-2014

Every morning when I wake up, dash downstairs and dance into my garden to check on my precious little seedlings…

I’m like THIS.


Friends, there is an unspeakable, mysterious evil at work in our garden which implies that either we have a secretly-plant-hating mobster among our neighbors, OR bugs are a whole lot crazier than I thought. I’m talking about…THIS.


thief1Every morning. Just the one seedling. Its stem still present and firmly rooted, its leaves pristine and untouched on the soil… The only thing different: IT’S DEAD.
Just that one tiny little cut through the stem, every morning. Every morning…one little seedling gone. And then another. And another. And another. It’s like we’re counting down, but I don’t know to what, and I sure hope it’s not the Apocalypse because I haven’t finished our emergency jet packs yet.

Seriously, I’m trying to keep a brave face, but of course I’m crying on the inside. My cool garden that was doing so great otherwise, ramsacked in this pointless, cruel manner! Let’s see which plants have been ravaged, and which have yet been untouched by the dark evil that spreads across the land, shall we?

worriedgandalfWinter is coming. I mean, a dark force rises in the East. Or West. Or whatever. Okay, I’ll just quietly smoke this pipe now.

State of the Garden, 09-07-2014

State of the Garden, 09-14-2014


 The garden as a whole looks okay, I guess, but there are a lot of plants missing. Some squares are still empty because I haven’t decided what to plant in them yet (or I forgot to sow them in). In the front middle squares I put spinach, but nothing is happening.

looseleaf1409The loose-leaf lettuce is untouched so far. I’ve been cutting the first leaves off to use in my salads. AWESOMENESS! (seriously, this is the most addictive feeling in the world, I don’t know why gardening isn’t considered a hard drug).

lettuce1409The cabbage lettuce doesn’t look very cabbage-y yet, but at least it’s still untouched and growing well.


 The bok choy is doing awesomely, pictured here after we’d used some in a stir fry already. One arugula seedling has been demolished by the mysterious evil so far.


The carrots are a lot bigger than a week ago!
Sadly, we’ve lost three so far, but I hope the rest will grow too big and strong to be killed, soon.


The beans are still a saving grace, the only plants not affected at all. In the front you can see a few spring onions I planted in a desperate bid to keep the evil – which I then thought to be a soil-related problem – at bay.

beets1409Remember all those cute beetroots from last week I was so proud of? There are two left. Yeah. TWO.
Okay, now I’m crying on the outside, too.

Total weekly tally:
Like I said, so far we’ve used some of the bok choy and a few handfuls of loose-leaf lettuce and arugula. I’ll tally the total value up to 1 euro. Total costs minus total yield: 54,- euros. Soooooooo. MADE MINUS FIFTY-FOUR EUROS, SUCKERS!

If any of you have an idea as to what or who the mysterious stem killer might be, let me know! Please! Don’t let me Robert de Niro on all by myself!

And…tune in next week for the State of the Garden, 21-09-2014.

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