Two Birds Escher art hat/beanie


Product Description

Pattern for a gorgeous, MC Escher inspired hat depicting two interwoven flocks of birds. Choose any two contrasting colors for a striking end result that will turn other people’s heads while keeping yours warm and fashionable!

Pattern contains:

  • detailed written instructions.
  • clear explanations for all the technical elements used, such as changing colors.
  • photo tutorials for each step.
  • a chart for row 1 – 24 depicting the bird sequence.

The hat is worked sideways, so size is easily adjustable.

Suitable for: advanced intermediate crocheters and up.

Because this pattern is worked one way, with the ends worked in at the end of every row (or the end of the pattern if you prefer), it takes a bit longer to make than a regular hat would. The result is totally worth it in my opinion, but if you already know you’re not up for that, this is your chance to get away unscathed:).


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