Easter bunny/Tuzki ornament


Product Description

This decorative medallion is perfect for adding a cute, quirky pop of colour to your home. Versatile design could be used as a coaster, bookmark, table decoration; or strung up to form a garland or gift label. Height of finished item is 8/9 cm (3,5 inches).

Design is easy to understand and suitable for advanced beginners and up. One medallion takes under an hour, so perfect for last-minute gifts, too!

Pattern provides:

  • detailed written instructions;
  • charts ‘for dummies’: each step of the chart is presented and explained separately, as well as the complete chart;
  • detailed explanations on how to change colours and seamlessly work in your ends.

Suitable for: advanced beginners and up.

Bright jewel tones will make your medallions look deliciously ‘Easterish’. You can use any mercerized, sports weight cotton yarn for that cool, ‘bling’ look.

Have fun and bunnify your home, your way!:)


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