Bee sting boots (all adult sizes – for men too!)


Product Description

Pattern for a pair of two-tone boots with double soles and a flap with faux button attachment. Contains detailed instructions for all adult sizes, based on universal foot length charts. Great news – that means you can make these boots as a surprise (Christmas, birthday) gift for anyone, as long as you know their size!

As a bonus, the pattern explains how to make the outer soles out of rope, prolonging the boots’ life span. Tops and soles are attached with a separate strand of yarn, so that you can replace the soles without having to throw away the whole boot.

Pattern is 12 pages long and contains:

  • specific, detailed instructions per row. There are also separate instructions for the left and right boot.
  • sizes supplement with detailed instructions and measurements per size, for sizes 5.5-12 (US) / 37 – 47 (EU).
  • soles supplement with instructions on how to make the soles and use rope for the outer sole. There are also specific instructions and measurements per size.

Suitable for: intermediate crocheters, but doable for an ambitious advanced beginner, too:).

The Bee Sting Boots came about when I wanted to make a pair of comfy boots for my guy and encountered a staggering lack of boot patterns suitable for men. These would make a great gift for boyfriends, brothers, husbands, fathers, etc. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t make them for that boot-craving female in your life!

My aim with my patterns is to give you something of value, that you can genuinely use and wear for a long time. Hence the specific decrease (and therefore shaping) instructions per size and the replaceable soles. I hope you and/or your intended wearer will love these Bee Sting Boots!


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