Knitted cardi help: pick the best one for you!

New knitted cardi: Agatha by Andi Satterlund

Boom! Wrraaaghhhr! That’s how I felt when I took this picture: somewhere between sexily confident and enraged. The enraged part had to do with things in my private life that we won’t get into right now – but the sexily confident part definitely had to do with my new knitted cardi.

Isn’t she gorgeous?? I love the lace panelling, the length and the emphasis on the waist. Now I know what I need to feel fabulous this summer: about a thousand more of these.
The pattern is ‘Agatha’ by Andi Satterlund. I knitted it out of Scheepjes Merino Soft on 4mm needles. The combo gave me a bit of a smaller gauge than I needed, so I fixed that by choosing a larger size and doctoring the pattern considerably. I also changed quite a bit about the overall appearance (you can see the original pattern here!).

Choosing the knitted cardi that will make you feel Boom! Wrraaaghhhr!

I thought it’d be nice to write a bit about the way I chose this particular knitted cardi, and in fact the way I choose all my patterns, especially for garments. After all, knitting garments takes a lot of time and energy. So why not make extra sure you’re working on something you’ll love to wear, right?

Disclaimer: My guidelines for this actually come from the original ‘What not to wear’ series. I’m such a nerd that I took notes when it first aired. That’s why I now have this checklist that was originally meant to pick out clothes, but that works well for choosing knitting patterns, too!

What does your wardrobe need?
I desperately needed some tops and layers to wear over the gazillion dresses and skirts I already owned. Also, most of my dresses are quite busy, so I knew it would be wise to pick a solid colour for anything I might wear with them. Last but not least I wanted some lighter cardigans and sweaters to wear in spring and summer.

What shape flatters you?
I have a high waist, big boobs and not a whole lot of circumference difference between my waist and thighs. That’s why knitted cardigans that are relatively short and taper in strongly at the waist, will emphasise my strong points and hide the fact that I’m actually pretty straight from the waist down (note that the flair in the skirt also helps:)).

What do you want you cardi to say?
Cool chick? Cosy homebody? Fashionista? Classy mom? It’s all possible, you just have to pick one. For me, this is super easy: I not only LOVE a vintage vibe, I also know it suits who I am and what I want my clothes to tell people about me: that I’m a sometimes enraged, sometimes sexily confident, and always slightly kooky woman.

What do you like to knit?
You could choose the most beautiful and suitable pattern in the world, but if you don’t actually feel excited about knitting it, it will never get done. I chose this pattern because I knew the beautiful cable detailing would provide a challenge and prevent me from getting bored. And it did!

How do you choose your garment patterns? And what was the last cardi you knitted?

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