Is an urban garden in autumn worth the trouble? 09-21-2014: fight back edition

Want to start at the beginning? State of the Garden, 09-07-2014

It has been a sobering week on all levels, friends. Remember when last week, in what might have been a slight overdramatization of facts, I compared myself finding dead seedlings in our garden to Robert De Niro finding a horse’s head in his bed? So I told that story – sans the Godfather part – to some of my friends in an app-group we share. One of them, also exasperated with her square garden, asked me and a third friend how we keep up; how we fight back against the seemingly neverending shit storm of fungi and caterpillars and snails and lice and other dark mysterious evil we can’t control.

horse-headHere’s the scene I meant. And I definitely totally wasn’t looking for an excuse to use that again.

And then the third friend, who is going through some MAJOR family-related hardships right now, answered: ‘You have to shrug it off. You just keep trying. Failure is part of having a garden, and it’s really not that terrible. Worse things happen in the world, you know. Like, people DIE.’

Wow. It had quite an effect on me. On all of us, I think. And I decided right then and there that if she can cope with something so unfathomably difficult, I must certainly be able to stop whining about my garden and deal with the situation like an adult.

So then I hung around doing other stuff for the rest of the week. And then I had an awesome birthday dinner on Friday and forgot all about the garden. And then I had a major, not-even-funny-anymore-I-can’t-be-in-a-room-with-a-lightsource, hangover. And then I dealt with the situation like an adult.

State of the Garden, 09-07-2014
State of the Garden, 09-14-2014

State of the Garden, 09-21-2014

garden2109 The garden and I: still enamoured, but past the infatuation phase. I guess you could say we’re just ordinary people now.
(get it? get it? don’t get it?)


Very much like an adult, I fell and got back up again, and made a new sowing plan to fill all the empty/emptied spaces.
Because OF COURSE YOU’RE NOT GOING TO NAIL IT ON THE FIRST GO-AROUND, you’re not a fourteen-year-old orphaned ice skater in a tv movie!


Three more of the loose-leaf lettuces have disappeared. I put new seeds in to fill the gaps.
Dashing into the garden to get some greens for lunch is still the bestest thing evah.


Remember that beautiful, succulent cabbage-leaf lettuce from last week? Yup – that’s gone, too.


The arugula is doing great, I planted some more to fill the gaps, here, too.


Oh, lovely carrots. Your foliage development is the cutest thing I’ve seen since baby pandas. Don’t ever leave me.


The beans, ever undeterred, have climbed up from base camp now! Yay beans. They grow so fast it’s almost scary.


The remains of the beet roots. WE MUST NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN. *hugs self, rocks back and forth* <- Like an adult.

lambslettuceNew player on the field: lamb’s lettuce in the front left corner.

Conspiracy theories
Latest research has yielded the insight that the mysterious evil might have been a bird. To rule that one out – or in – I’d like to put some netting or wire over the garden. Anyone got some cool repurposing suggestions for that? Oh, and the birds must not die (because apparently they sometimes die in nets). I mean I hate them, but not THAT much.

Weekly tally
We put the last of the bok choy in a green smoothie – or actually, I did, Dirk just drank it. I also got a few handfuls of lettuce for lunch. I’d say our weekly tally is around one euro again.

Total tally
09-14-2014: 1 euro
09-21-2014: 1 euro


Tune in next week for the State of the Garden, 09-28-2014!

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