How to make your crocheted booties last longer

We all know what it’s like, right? Crocheting slipper booties is just cool. They’re a nice item that you can use daily and while not everybody may love granny squares ALL THE TIME, ALL OVER THE PLACE, everybody loves some warm boots come winter. So you spend a couple of weeks crocheting booties for your loved ones. They love them, they love you – love, love, love all around, and the next thing you know the soles have worn out and the boots get tossed in the bin.

The fact that a lot of boot patterns tell you to make the foot and the sole in one piece also doesn’t help; that way you can’t simply replace the sole and reuse the rest. A complete waste of time, yarn and energy, if you ask me! So much of a waste, in fact, that I couldn’t stand for it any longer. And so on behalf of all the unraveling booties in the world I present to you:

The Recoverista way to make crocheted boots last longer!

First thing you’ll need is this pattern. It tells you to make two sets of soles, separately, and attach them to a loose top part. The booties look awesome. And they have double soles! Oh, and elastic to keep them up. Did I tell you how awesome they are? (again, I don’t get commissions, all this undiluted enthusiasm just keeps spontaneously erupting from me)
Cozy slipper boots for women by Hollydoll

The next thing you need, and this is where the Recoverista magic happens…is rope. Simple, cheap packing rope.

ropeTold you this stuff is magic.

From there on out we’re home free: simply follow the pattern, but instead of making the outer soles with yarn, you make them with rope.

sole-outYou may have to decrease the number of stitches, because the rope is coarse and the stitches will come out bigger.

sole-inAnother nifty trick: save on expensive yarn and make the inner soles out of cheap scrap yarn.
Think about it. WHO’S GONNA KNOW? NOBODY, that’s who.
Except for the soles of your feet, and they’ll be far too comfortable to tattle.

attachedWhen the time comes to attach the pairs of soles to the bootie part, use the good yarn to chain stitch everything together.

soleIf you use only the outer loops, the good yarn won’t touch the floor and the only wear and tear will be on the rope part.

There you go. Same booties, three times longer lifespan (and you could even replace and reattach the soles after that).
It’s Recoverista magic. You’re welcome, guys!

Below is how mine came out. If you use this tip and make your own pair, will you let me know how it goes? Good luck, and a warm bootie winter to everyone!





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