Free pattern: bebop stitch! (great for blankets, scarves etc) 8

Like so many inventions in life, this stitch was kind of an accident.

I was trying to teach myself how to knit so I could recreate the bumpy texture on my new Blueblood vest. After failing rather spectacularly with the knitting – I *have* managed to teach myself since; no idea what went wrong that day – I was so frustrated that I decided to create my own bumpy stitch, but in crochet.



Anyway, this is what came out.

Repeating the stitch over a larger surface creates a vibrant texture that lends an interesting dynamic without being too overpowering.
I know that sounds like I’m a used car salesman on a poetry high, but it’s true. Oh, and I decided to call it the bebop stitch, because the puff stitches go up and down like jazz notes. See?



Gauge: with a worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm/H size hook, 10 completed bebop stitches measure 20 cm/8 inches.
NB. I crochet pretty tightly.

Level: intermediate to advanced

To start
Chain a multitude of 4, plus an extra 4. Example: chaining 80 (plus 4) will give you 20 bebop stitches and a total width of 40 cm/16 inches.

Indication for baby (crib) blanket: width of 100 cm/40 inches: chain 200 + 4 = 204 for a total of 50 bb st. Work up to desired height.
Indication for cowl: 70 cm / 28 inches around neck: chain 140 + 4 = 144 for a total of 35 bb st. Work in turned rows or turned rounds (join rows as you go if desired)

Row 1
Yarn over (yo), go into 5th ch from hook, do 7-loop puff st | skip 2 ch, sl st into the next ch (8th ch from hook). Your completed stitch should look like this, with the sl st in the 8th ch.

*Ch 4, yo, go into next ch | do 7-loop puff st, skip 2 ch, and sl st into next ch*
Repeat *…* until you’ve used up all your chains and sl stitched into the last chain. In this case, you repeat the sequence four times total. Ch 4, turn your work around.

After completing row 1, your work should look like this.


Row 2
Skip the 1st sl st, puff st and ch, and sl st into the next ch | *ch 4. Yo, go into next ch, do 7-loop puff st | skip next ch, sl st, puff st, ch | sl st into the next ch*
NB. You always work the sl st and puff st in the middle two ch (ch 2-3) of the ch 4 repetitions from the previous row.
Repeat *…* until you’re at the last 4 ch repetition from row 1. After your last sl st, ch 2 and do a dc in the next ch. Chain 4, turn work. Note that you should have one less puff stitch in the even row.

Here’s what your finished row 2 should look like.


Row 3
Yo and go into the 1st ch (after dc), do 7-loop puff st | skip next ch, sl st, puff st, ch | sl st into the next ch. *Ch 4, yo | do 7-loop puff st, skip next ch, sl st, puff st, ch | sl st into the next ch.*
Repeat *…* until you’re at the last 4ch repetition from row 2. Sl st into the 2ndch, chain 4. Note that you should have one more puff stitch in the odd row. Here’s what your finished row 3 should look like.


Repeat row 2 and 3 until you reach desired length. That’s all there is to the bebop stitch!

Uneven edges fix
Depending on your tension, your edges might become uneven.
Here are some fixes!

Left edge (as seen above), too tight: ch 5 instead of 4 at the end of each uneven row.
Left edge, too loose: sl st into the 3rd instead of 2nd ch on the last 4 ch repetition from the even (previous) row.
Right edge, too tight: do tr instead of dc.
Right edge, too loose: do hdc instead of dc, OR dc into the 4th instead of 3rd ch on the last 4 ch repetition from the uneven (previous) row.

feel free to use this stitch for whatever (commercial) project you desire! I appreciate a mention or link, but it’s not necessary.
Please DO NOT take this pattern, or the images, and charge people money for it. Seriously, cats. That’s not bebop.

Have fun!! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Free pattern: bebop stitch! (great for blankets, scarves etc)

  • Lucy McKee

    Rene that is absolutely beautiful. I love it I want to try it but I don’t understand the multiple directions. Is it an adult or baby blanket? If I have questions. May I ask you? I have other projects too finish first. Again it is beautiful.

    • Recoverista Post author

      Hey Lucy! I’m glad you like the stitch. Feel free to ask me any questions you want! The directions are only for the *stitch*, not the item you can make with it (like a blanket or scarf:)). If you look at my example: 80 ch will give you 20 bebop stitches and 30 cm (12 inches). Now, say you want to make a baby blanket – worked bottom-up – and you wanted it to be 90 cm (36 inches) wide. In that case you’d need 60 bebop stitches and a starting chain of (4 x 60 =) 240 chains. I hope this will help you, and that you can do math for other items from there! Again, ask me anything:).

    • Recoverista Post author

      You’re welcome, Pam! Posting it has rekindled my enthusiasm for it. I made an insanely complicated jacket last year, but now I actually just want to do a simple scarf with this stitch:).

  • Jenn

    I have started a car seat cover in this stitch. It works up so quickly. Looks so nice.

    Two quick questions

    How do you finish the last row when your project is complete?
    What border would you recommend for this project?

    Thanks for sharing your pattern, it is so lovely

    • Recoverista Post author

      Thanks! And a car seat cover is *such* a good idea! 🙂

      For the last row, you can do ‘ch 2, puff st, sl st’ instead of chaining 4. The top row will then resemble the bottom row and won’t require a border. Good luck!