Free pattern: Rudolph ornament!

This cute Rudolph started out as an experiment with home made amigurumi eyes (remind me to write another post about that!).
A friend of mine had been hinting for a while that she’d like a cute ornament to hang in her Christmas tree, so once I had the eyes, I combined them with her wish into one efficient, doe-eyed package of cuteness. With antlers. Waaaaaah.


Project will cost around 4-6 hours to make, depending on your speed and experience. It’s worked in continuous rounds.

Rudolph the red-nosed Christmas tree ornament

– brown, black, green, red, white yarn
– pair of amigurumi eyes (or picot knots, felt eyes, whatever else you prefer)
– tapestry needle
– stuffing
– pair of scissors.

HEAD (brown)
NB: You’ll start by working around a chain, not in a magic loop!
Round 1: ch 5
Round 2: sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2sc | in last ch, do 3sc | 2sc | inc (10 st)

(Neatest way to crochet into a chain)

Round 3: inc, 2sc | in next 3 st, inc | 2sc, inc, inc (16 st)
Round 4-6: sc around (16 st)
Round 7: *inc, 1sc* four times, inc, 7sc (21 st)
Round 8-9: sc around (21 st)
Round 10 (short rows): *ch, turn, 12sc* twice
Round 11: sc around (21 st)

Start stuffing head. Attach eyes between round 7 and 8 or 8 and 9. Place them close together for that goofy ‘Wallace and Gromit’ look:).

Round 12: *dec, 5sc* three times (18 st)
Round 13: sc around (18 st)
Round 14: *dec, 1sc* six times (12 st)

Finish stuffing.

Round 15: dec six times (6 st)

Cut yarn, pull through and weave close with tapestry needle.

BODY (brown)
Round 1: 6sc in magic loop.
(Don’t know how to make a magic loop? Here’s a tutorial!)
Round 2: inc in every st (12 st)
Round 3: *inc, 1sc* six times (18 st)
Round 4-7: sc around (18 st)

Start stuffing.

Round 8: *dec, 4sc* three times (15 st)
Round 9: *dec, 3sc* three times (12 st)

Finish stuffing.

Round 10: *dec, 2sc* three times (9 st)
Round 11: sc around (9 st)

Cut yarn, pull through. Flatten ‘neck’ (not stuffed).
Sew onto head so that head tilts a bit forward.

ARM (black/brown, make 2)
Round 1: 6sc in magic loop with black. Finish off, sew in end. Attach brown thread invisibly (Here’s a tutorial!).
Round 2 (brown): *inc, 1sc* three times (9 st)
Round 3-6: sc around (9 st)

Cut yarn, pull through. Flatten top of arm. Sew arms on, up around 2/3rd of the body height (leaving room for the scarf).

ANTLER (black, make 2)
Round 1: ch 9
Round 2: sc in 2nd ch, 7sc along chain (8 st)
Round 3: ch, turn. Go into bl of first sc and one loop of first ch. 4 sl st ‘along the side’ of round 2. Ch 4, sc in 2nd ch, 2sc.

You should now have a forked shape. Cut yarn, pull through, and attach the ‘fork’ to the ‘main stem’. Weave yarn back down to the antler base and sew onto the head.

SCARF (green, white, red)
Round 1 (C1): foundation sc 4, ch, turn
Round 2 (C1): 4sc, pick up new color, turn
Round 3 (C2): 4sc – crochet over C1 with the first sc – ch, turn
Round 4 (C2): 4sc, pick up C3, turn
Round 5 (C3): 4sc – crochet over C1 and C2 with the first sc – ch, turn
Round 6 (C3): 4sc, pick up C1, turn


Cut off long strand of yarn, pull through. With wrong side facing,
fold double, bring up ‘turning side’ to ‘changing color side’
and sew together. With right side facing, arrange around neck,
sew one end onto the chest and the other end to the side of the jaw.

EAR (brown, make 2)
Round 1: 6sc in magic loop
Round 2: *inc, 2sc* two times (8 st)
Round 3: *inc, 3sc* two times (10 st)
Round 4-6: sc around (10 st)

Flatten, fold double. Ch, turn, make 3 sl st on top of ear. Cut yarn, pull through. Attach underneath antlers at a downward slant for maximum cuteness.

NOSE: with red yarn, go in and out a row of stitches vertically, on the front of the snout.

Now all you need to do is attach a loop of your choosing to the top of the head (between the antlers) and you’re DONE!

feel free to use these notes for whatever (commercial) project you desire! I appreciate a mention or link, but it’s not necessary.
Please DO NOT take this pattern, or the images, and charge people money for it.

Have fun, and happy whatever you celebrate!! 🙂


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