‘Christmas’ present reveal! 2

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That sweet spot in January when the failure of your New Year’s resolutions collides immaculately with your winter depression! Can you feel the magic? Or is that just me?

Luckily, it’s also the time of year for presents. At least in this case, due to a hand injury that prevented me from finishing them before the Christmas deadline. Which turned out to be a good thing, because my recipient was also feeling kind of blue, and my package was apparently just the thing to cheer her up. Maybe we should make that a trend: January cheer-up presents! And then instead of birthday presents we could have ‘you just got your tooth pulled!’-presents. Or ‘your car got towed!’-presents. Dibs on this one, guys. Obviously a brilliant idea.

And now for the actual presents *drumroll*…

beret2_smallRavenclaw Beret

A gradual change in colours from six rows of grey on top to six rows of blue on the bottom.
It was really fun running the numbers for this:).
Drops Merino Extra Fine, 4mm hook. And my ol’ mug, of course.

cinderella_smallHaywire Cinderella Clutch

Freestyle crochet with hand sewn lining and fastening. Yarn: Drops Paris cotton in dusty pink.
I went a little crazy with this one, hence the name.

gloves3_smallEven & Odd fingerless gloves

Gloves with different, but matching, cables. Made with Drops Merino Extra Fine yarn and a 5mm/4mm (for the cables) hook.
And an obscene amount of swearing since working crochet cables is almost as annoying as, say, darning socks.
For giants. With your left hand. While naked. On an ice floe. You get my drift.

lamb_small2Rini the lamb

Rini was named Rini by Melissa, the little girl I made him for.
This was so much fun! I used some pictures for inspiration and just winged it.
Yarn is Drops Merino Super Fine combined with Drops Andes Mix. I used a 3mm/4mm hook.

It’s a tough call, but I think I like Rini the best. More than anything though, I liked making these gifts and hearing that they cheered somebody up. All jokes aside, I really want to make more presents for people this year. The more I do it, the more I feel what a powerful thing it is to create a thing for someone.

It’s almost like magic…and I think that’s something we can all use more of:).

Who do you want to make a present for this year? And what do you plan on making?

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2 thoughts on “‘Christmas’ present reveal!

  • Judith

    It did really cheer me up 🙂
    I thank you again for all your work that went in it!!

    Melissa loves her little lamb and it still spends every night with her 🙂
    I have to say my favorite are the fingerless gloves. They are just amazingly beautiful!

    Handmade gifts are very special and I tend to make quite a few every year. I don’t actually have any plans set yet though…

    • Recoverista Post author

      Yay! And you’re very welcome. I do love the look of the gloves, too. I like playing around with complementary sets of cables. Next up: a post on how to do them; if I’m going to, I might as well do it right (and teach others):).