Bee Sting Boots for grown-ups!


Woot! There it is, my first-ever ‘real’ pattern up for sale on Ravelry: Bee Sting boots in all adult sizes, for manly men and womanly women!

Pattern for a pair of two-tone boots with double soles and a flap with faux button attachment. It contains detailed instructions for all adult sizes, based on universal foot length charts. Great news – that means you can make these boots as a surprise gift (Christmas, birthday, you name it) for anyone, as long as you know their size! Yay presents:).

pub10-2As a bonus, the pattern explains how to make the outer soles out of rope, prolonging the boots’ life span. On top of that you attach tops and soles with a separate strand of yarn, so that you can replace the soles when worn out without having to throw away the whole boot.


Pattern is 17 pages long and contains:

  • specific, detailed instructions per row. There are also separate instructions for the left and right boot.
  • photo tutorials for all points that might be potentially confusing without them.
  • sizes supplement with detailed instructions and measurements per size, for sizes 5.5-12 (US) / 37 – 47 (EU).
  • soles supplement with instructions and pictures on how to make the soles and use rope for the outer sole. There are also specific instructions and measurements per size.

Suitable for intermediate crocheters but very doable for an ambitious advanced beginner, too:).

The Bee Sting Boots came about when I wanted to make a pair of comfy boots for my guy and encountered a staggering lack of boot patterns suitable for men. These would make a great gift for boyfriends, brothers, husbands, fathers, etc. Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t make them for that boot-craving female in your life! I’d call them unisex, but mostly very, very grown up (see pictures). And definitely suitable for manly men!

Get it here on Ravelry or use the button to buy if you’re not a Ravelry member:  

Or buy the pattern through Craftsy:
Buy Bee Sting Boots through Craftsy

And if you make the boots, be sure to let me know how it goes!

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