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Free Easter pattern: lamb’s ears for hoods and snoods!

When I was designing the above hooded onesie, for the longest time I couldn’t decide wether to put lamb’s ears or bear ears on the hood. In the end I went with the lamb’s ears, not only because they fit the overall look and yarn choice better, but also because a) lamb’s ears for a hood are more rare, and b) it seemed a good way of tricking myself into thinking that Easter (and warm weather) is just around the corner, because lambs, and, you know, spring….please?

*buries head in ice cold hands*

After some experimentation I came up with a shape and look that I think will turn every hood into the epitome of cuteness (particularly when combined with a puff stitch or other structured design). Enjoy!


The ultimate lamb’s ears for hoods and snoods:)

Yarn: any worsted weight yarn (less than half a skein)
Hook: 5mm / H 8 US / 6 UK
Level: advanced beginner
Finished ears measure about 7 cm / 2.5 inches.

START: make a magic loop.

Row 1
Into magic loop, do 4 puff st | ch 1, pull up long loop, turn

Row 2
Do 2 puff st in every st | ch 1, pull up long loop, turn (8 puff st)

Row 3
Inc in st 1-2 | 4 puff st | inc in st 7-8 (12 puff st)

Row 4
Inc in st 1-2 | 3 puff st | in st 6-7, do dc-four-together* | 3 puff st | inc in st 11-12 (15 puff st)

Row 5
Ch 1, turn work 45 degrees counterclockwise | 12 sl st along the bottom of the work (divide evenly) | ch 1, turn

Row 6
Right ear: 6 puff st | 6 sc | ch 1, turn
Left ear: 6 sc | 6 puff st | ch 1, turn**

Row 7
Right ear: 6 sc | 6 puff st | ch 1, turn
Left ear: 6 puff st | 6 sc | ch 1, turn

Row 8
Right ear: 6 puff st | 6 sc | ch 1, turn
Left ear: 6 sc | 6 puff st | ch 1, turn

Yo, pull through to knot off, cut yarn and work in end.

* = do a dc-two-together in the first st, but instead of finishing, you leave 3 loops on the hook. Do a dc-two-together in the second st. You have 5 loops on the hook. Yo and pull through all 5.

** = Left/right for the wearer, not the viewer.

Here’s a chart for the right ear!


With the front of the ear (even rows) facing you, fold double (it will want to curl naturally). Because you made sc on one half for the bottom rows, one side should be shorter than the other. Pin the short ‘sc’ sides of the ears to the hood. Then pin the longer ‘puff st’ sides on top of them, so that the ears slant downward. When satisfied with poisition of the ears, sew them to the hood. You’re all done!


As always, feel free to use in whatever (commercial) project you want. Links and mentions get you brownie points! Please do NOT redistribute this pattern, copy, quote, sell or present as your own.

Happy lamb-making, guys! 🙂