Daily Archives: August 31, 2015

Yay, it’s Monday! (three tips for a happier week)

Ever since I implemented this three step Master Plan*, I stopped dreading Mondays.

*= ‘I do these things’. But three step Master Plan sounded more impressive.

This relates well to freelancers or people with an up and down mental balance like me, but even if you work in an office and are the most stable person in the world, I think you can benefit from it. Enjoy!

The world is your oyster. Or your egg. Oh, no, wait – you’re a chick and your egg has just hatched.

Mondays are a new beginning! A chance to be that chick whose egg has just hatched, and look at the world with brand new eyes. A chance to implement a little more of the balance you seek in your life.

That’s why step one is: on Monday morning, take a bit of time to get in touch with yourself, before you fall face forward into the ants’ nest that is your busy week. I like to sit for about half an hour, but even ten minutes would be great. No need to set an aspiration or anything like that. My personal experience is that my inner self knows damn well where it wants to go, as long as I make the room to become quiet and listen to it.

It helps to sit/meditate in a nice, clean, inspiring space. For example, I have a Holy Mary image I like to look at. Not that I’m religious in the traditional sense, but that imagery brings me in touch with a sense of compassion, a sense of relaxing in my skin and being with what’s there. Once you create the conditions that are inspiring to you, inspiration will float up into your mind. Maybe you’d really like to eat a home cooked meal this week. Or finally finish hanging those damn art frames. Whatever it is you need will come to you, be it practical, spiritual or anything in between.


Take out that calendar. Yep, right now. I’M LOOKING AT YOU. Mark at least two places during your week where you can get in touch with yourself like you just did. A check-up, if you will. I don’t care if it’s just for five minutes. Or on your subway ride home. Just give yourself some little islands of space to breathe and do nothing. It will help. I promise. And I should know, because my whole life is one big island of space these days.

Make a list for what you want to get done this Monday. Now look at it again and cross at least two items off the list. Come on now, be real with me for a second. You were never going to get all that done anyway, were you?

Okay, so now that we’ve established a realistic to-do list, let’s go! I recently installed an app that blocks me from visiting distracting sites and apps during work hours. Maybe you don’t need that, maybe you could look into it (mine is called Self Control for Android). Either way, do whatever you gotta do to make sure your Monday is productive. It will give you such a sense of space and accomplishment that you’ll be able to tackle the rest of the week with much more peace of mind.

Boom! Practically nailed your week, and it’s only Monday morning!

Have a happy day:).