Daily Archives: August 23, 2015

Sunday inspiration: be kind

It sounds strange, but I kind of like to remind myself that I’m not that important. That I don’t deserve more than other people – but also not less. That I’m special, but exactly as special as the next random person who walks by.

The reason I like that is – well, it makes us all the same, right?
We’re all out in this big ocean together, trying to stay afloat. We’re all connected through the ways in which we experience joy and sadness.

And if you think that somehow, you got the short end of the stick – lots of sadness, not enough joy – then just remember: it’s all feels. We’ve all got them. Nobody, no matter how strong and confident they appear, is exempt from being adrift at some point, looking across this big stretch of water, and thinking ‘boy, I sure wish someone would throw me a lifebuoy right now!’.

So yeah. Let’s all throw each other a lifebuoy every once in a while. We never know when we might need one ourselves.

Have a lovely Sunday!