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What’s hookin’? – Quickie: Separation Anxiety Lambs


Made two lambs for two completely unrelated acquaintances. And now I have to separate them.

*blows nose*

ANYWAY. In spite of my own separation anxiety, I am open to more commissions! Not necessarily for lambs though; anything you want that falls under ‘crochet with a twist’, I can make. I never use patterns and I strive to always be original. In general, I’m drawn to more artistic/complicated designs and objects. For more, see my shop policies.

Sadly only available to Dutchies for now…I’ll be looking into ways to ship my goods overseas!

And in the meantime, I’ll be cuddling under my blankets with these two. Yeah, keep walking. Nothing to see here.

(happy weekend!)

Upcoming pattern: Two Birds Hat photo shoot!

…Or, as it turns out: photo shoots with your BFF are a blast! Even when it’s 23 degrees (Fahrenheit). And you have to take your coat off every five minutes. And you have to put your bag down in a field covered with dog pooh. I mean, if someone can make you forget about dog pooh, that is a real friend in my book.

Anyway: the pattern. It’s a gorgeous, art inspired pattern for a hat in a female medium size. I will release it next week and I’m so excited! Keep an eye on this blog and my Facebook page


While you alternate the two colors and shape the birds with the lighter color, the darker birds automatically form in the negative space. It’s magic! Actually it’s math, but that doesn’t sound nearly as exciting, does it.


Leisurely standing in front of walls is my forte. Especially when it’s winter. With my coat off.
Can you tell my lips are frozen to my teeth?

Stay tuned for info on the contest…and funny outtakes. Because THERE WILL BE OUTTAKES.


Downtime project: Boyfriend & Me Blankie

Yay! I can cross off a resolution I made in my Total Accountability New Year Plans and Resolutions Post! Or, at least, cross off one fourth of a resolution.

Remember? I wanted to make a version of this granny row blanket for our living room:

blanketcouchMy fellow crafter did a repeat of | 4 rows C1 | 1 row C2 | 2 rows C3 | 1 row C2 |

Well, that’s totally a thing!

blankie1_smallI chose a repeat of  | 7 rows C1 | 1 row C2 | 3 rows C3 | 1 row C2 | because I wanted the ‘dots’ of C2 to line up underneath each other.

I kind of screwed up when I started by making it 120cm wide instead of the 80cm I had in mind. But then Dirk brilliantly suggested that this can be a blankie we sit under together while we game or watch Netflix, and all was well in my world.

I’m forced to use cheap yarn on account of the size of this and the size of my budget, which are conversely related, but I still like how the colors work together. Also, apart from the color changes, this is the most brainless pattern in the world; you could probably do it while reciting the first two thousand numbers of Pi. Or figuring out who’ll win America’s Next Top Model.

Jazzberry LABlankie will go on our Chesterfield couch, underneath this gorgeous poster by Jazzberry Blue.
IRL, the colors are more blue-ish, so I think they’re going to work together.
I’m definitely not buying another poster, is what I’m saying.

Inspired? If you want to make your own granny stripe blanket, go check out this tutorial by Maybe Matilda, which is both comprehensible and free. Score!

Oh, and if you’re making a blanket – any blanket – post a pic in the comments so we can motivate each other, ‘kay?
Only a 120 rows more to go…