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You need stitches! #2 – How to Tunesian crochet in the round without the spiffy hook

Few things in this world are less sexy than a ‘Tunesian crochet in the round’ hook. It totally looks like you could make one yourself from a regular smooth hook and a piece of clothing line, but – once you are covered in hot glue burns and discover you really can’t – these suckers still cost a fortune.


This, without the fancy wood.
I mean…RIGHT?

Luckily, I discovered a method for doing Tunesian crochet in the round with a ‘normal’ smooth hook a while ago. It’s very simple, actually: after building a foundation with a joined chain and then sc’ing in each chain around, you create height by chaining up your desired number of stitches – I find that a regular hook can fit up to 15 loops – and then working down those chains one by one, like you do for straight Tunesian crochet. After that initial, vertical foundation, you just work horizontally from there to form a strip of straight Tunesian crochet, that is connected to your round of sc by the last loop.

Sounds hazy? Here, I explained it better when this question came up on Facebook:


I have tried this method myself, for a candle holder among other things, and it really comes out pretty great. The only thing is that you’re actually working horizontally, so that’s the direction your stitches will go, as well. But you know, compared to the unsexiness of purchasing one of those clothing line contraptions…minor inconvenience.

Oh, and speaking of sexy: I now reveal to you my evil plan to take over the world, as discussed in the very same conversation.


On second thought, I would probably be pretty harmless with a gazillion dollars. I mean, my first purchases would be a rainforest, a pool filled with chocolate, and HBO. Not sure anyone ever won a war with those.

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Till next time…

superwoman-2YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAH. I mean, you’re welcome.