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Crochet along: THE way to learn 3D and amigurumi 2

I spend a lot of time talking to people about the parts of crochet that get us confused. The thing that seems to confuse us the most? MAKING 3D OBJECTS. When you’re not working a flat surface, suddenly your brain has to think three-dimensionally, which is quite a feat for an organ that can hardly get a grocery list straight. On the good days. (Yes, I was talking about myself there)

Anyway, along with defining the biggest problem, I’ve also pinpointed the best solution: CROCHET ALONG! When every step of the process is explained to you visually, it’s much easier to grasp the abstract concept of working up a three-dimensional shape. If you struggle with learning how to crochet amigurumi or just any 3D shape, I strongly recommend doing a crochet along video, even if it’s just once. It’s just like riding a bike, really. You can’t get the hang of it until you’ve fallen on your face a few times and grazed your elbows thoroughly. (Yes, talking about myself there again)

This fall I watched Sharon Ojala’s ‘Crochet along elephant’ video and it taught me about 90% of what I now know of (designing) amigurumi. Sharon is patient, kind and explains things really well. She’s fast – about three times faster than me – but the advantage of a video is that you can pause and replay whenever you feel like it. If only we could do that with real-life teachers, hmmm?

This link will take you to Sharon’s site, where you’ll find both the video and a written pattern. A direct YouTube link is here. Hope this helps!

Don’t forget to crochet awesome;).


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